Thursday, May 16, 2013

Uh Oh

I was just working with the comments trying to see if I could do anything else to discourage anonymous comments, and I accidently deleted the last 50 comments on my blog.  SO… if you made a comment, and there were quite a few in the last few days, I wasn’t trying to delete them, but they are gone.  I am so sorry. 

Comments ARE important to me, even the anonymous ones are good for a chuckle sometimes. 

Again, sorry if your comment disappeared, it was not intentional.  

PS, so far today I have received 43 anonymous comments... I may have to block them for a while and see if that will stop them. IF you are an anonymous commenter, send me an email. My email is quiltersretreat  @, but take out the spaces.


  1. Would it help if you set up your comments so that the commentor has to fell in a code?

  2. I hate those codes, they are a PITA, but if I have to, I will do something for a short time only, to get the robots to stop. This morning there were 23 anonymous comments, all spam.


Comments are moderated because of spam.
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