Thursday, May 16, 2013

Uh Oh

I was just working with the comments trying to see if I could do anything else to discourage anonymous comments, and I accidently deleted the last 50 comments on my blog.  SO… if you made a comment, and there were quite a few in the last few days, I wasn’t trying to delete them, but they are gone.  I am so sorry. 

Comments ARE important to me, even the anonymous ones are good for a chuckle sometimes. 

Again, sorry if your comment disappeared, it was not intentional.  

PS, so far today I have received 43 anonymous comments... I may have to block them for a while and see if that will stop them. IF you are an anonymous commenter, send me an email. My email is quiltersretreat  @, but take out the spaces.


  1. Would it help if you set up your comments so that the commentor has to fell in a code?

  2. I hate those codes, they are a PITA, but if I have to, I will do something for a short time only, to get the robots to stop. This morning there were 23 anonymous comments, all spam.


Comments are once again moderated so that no one has to see the spam that some robot keeps trying to post. Your comments ARE important to me, and I will approve them as long as they aren’t smutty or trying to sell something. And if your ID is not accepted, send me an email, my address is on the sidebar.
Thanks for understanding