Thursday, February 03, 2011

Charity quilts

Do you ever wonder when you send your quilts to some charity on the internet what really happens to them? I sometimes imagined finding one of my quilts up for auction on eBay, but it’s never happened. I guess it is a matter trust. I have several charities that I donate quilts to because they are causes that are near and dear to my heart. Tonight while blog hopping I was reading one of those charities blogs and there were photos of quilts being given away. I was looking at the pictures, enjoying all the happy faces on the children when… there was one of my quilts. And my heart sang a happy song and my eyes leaked just a little bit… trust is a marvelous thing.


  1. That's fantastic! Since I lost the charity group my baby quilts were going to, I've been looking for a local place that doesn't feel like I'm dropping them down a black hole.

  2. Some have suggested that I auction items donated to Bobs Blankie. Brigade. We won't do that. If anyone is looking for a good hone for quilts we give them to the hospital for the oncology and Pediatric wards and the domestic violence shelter. Unfortunately we can't get photos with the recipients because of privacy and protection issues.



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