Sunday, February 13, 2011


When I met that good looking guy who played the banjo which turned out to be a guitar's Father I wasn't very fond of him. Let's just say he was a little too pushy to me. He asked questions that I didn't think were any of his business. Few years later he asked another question that I thought was pushy, but a darn good suggestion and we followed his suggestion and got married. He's continued to ask questions and for that I am thankful.

Years have passed and I've seen him go through some hard times. But he has always been there to lend an ear or a word of advice whenever I needed it. When I wasn't sure where I stood with some people he was always there to tell me where I stood with him. Sometimes I haven't agreed with things he's done, other times I've been behind him 200%.

Friday morning Pop had a heart attack and it was very scarey. His family rushed to his side. I didn't have to, I am pretty sure that he knows I love him dearly and that I was thinking of him and saying my prayers. No sense in me being there, most likely the room was overflowing with people. People who didn't have time to visit him when he was healthy, people who were too busy to even call him once in a while.

He's doing better and hopefully will be home soon. I'll go visit him then and make sure he knows how I feel.

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