Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two More Days!

Time is almost up to get in on this raffle. On Valentine's Day after the mail has come I will draw a winner for this little gem.

You may make your Featherweight donations by payment on my ACS web site. When you make a donation on the ACS site for the Featherweight raffle, please be sure to let me know by email that is what it was for. (Too late to mail a check now, sorry. Checks must arrive here on or before February 14th.)

I have decided the machine which will be given away is Featherweight # AJ639485 which was manufactured on or about June 1, 1950 in Elizabeth NJ. While she isn't the most perfect looking Featherweight, she is nonetheless in tip top sewing condition. She almost purrs as she stitches along. She comes with her own Featherweight case which is also in good condition, although it does have a sticky button latch (right side) but does fasten.

A $1 donation gets you one chance to win, a $5 donation gets you six chances to win and a $10 donation gets you fifteen chances to win! Good luck and thank you for donating!

The new owner will be chosen on Valentine's Day 2011. I will split the shipping costs with that person, and the machine will be shipped using UPS.
Thanks and good luck!

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