Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yes, I forgot again

Yesterday was a crazy day. I worked my fingers to the bone yesterday morning, getting a lot of Relay work done. And it was worth it too, our team is now over $7000. It was mostly computer work, but it wore me out. As the afternoon began I got chills so I put on a sweatshirt. But it didn't help. Then I got tired... and then I knew if I was going to be any good for our Kick-Off I had to take a nap. So my work got put on hold and I crawled under the covers and fell fast asleep. John woke me up when he got home from work. I had just enough time to wash my face, brush my teeth and get to the meeting on time.

It was a good meeting, although not well attended. Then again we're down in numbers this year, so maybe it was well attended.

We came home and had a bite to eat before I settled down in the recliner... and fell back asleep again. I wasn't the only one who was tired, John's snoring woke me up. So I woke him up and we went to bed to sleep, much more comfortable.

So today I finished the work I started yesterday and now I'll wait for that donation to come in. I think they were pleased with what I did for them, at least I hope they are... haven't heard from them yet!

Eventually I'll get back to sewing, sooner or later.

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