Friday, February 18, 2011

IT happens…

Occasionally I am unable to sew. Things happen that keep me from getting at my fabrics and sewing machine and doing what I enjoy the most. Today is one of those days. I’ve been sitting here aching to do some sewing, but other work has priority. The sewing machine and fabrics are just off to my left, and I can’t get at them…

Today’s work is a new web site I’m working on. Well really it’s an old web site that needs updating horribly. The pages are old and antiquated and need a new lively twist on them. The server they use is more of a business server than they need and the lady who has been doing the updating just did it because no one else volunteered. She did her best, but the server and her knowledge have kept the site back in the old days.

I am not saying she doesn’t know a lot, because she does, about many many things… just not web pages. This lady amazes me, always jetting off to some exotic place on the planet and doing all kinds of things for so many people and organizations. I’m happy to be taking this responsibility off her hands.

But garsh… what a challenge it is! Sewing will wait, I will get back to it for sure. I know I’ll be sewing in March, I have a retreat coming up! YIPPEE!

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