Sunday, February 27, 2011

What I am doing

Kathy asked me “What is it that you are doing that is taking you so long?
Imagine someone asks you to organize their photo albums. Imagine them handing you a box with over 1800 photos in it. Just all thrown in one box, some with labels, some with dates, mostly just photos. Now try to imagine putting them in some order, something that makes sense.

Putting them in date order is important but almost impossible. It’s not like there are children in these photos, well not the same children all the time, so you can’t put the photos in order by their growth.

And the location is pretty much the same place in all the photos, over and over again, the same place, and it changes, but not so much and not significantly enough to put dates on those changes.

Well that’s what I am doing, only on line. I was handed a web site with about 50 pages of photos..... easy, just correct code where needed and put them back on line. I didn’t know about the 1800+ photos that were not used on any of those 50 pages. As of right now I have made 18 brand new pages…… and there are still 1435 unused photos to be taken care of.

Like I said, I might not get back to sewing until the Spring Retreat, just two long busy weeks away! We have a Relay committee meeting this week, I have orders to take care of before I leave for the retreat, we have Relay team captains meeting next week, which hopefully will mean money to be entered on line aka work... and my house... the dust bunnies are running wild! And sometime, hopefully tomorrow, I need to pick up some quilts from the quilter and get the bindings on them... HEY.. thats's quilting, yea!! AND it's the end of the month, time to update the BOM page again!

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