Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Help save me some $

My baby and his bride-to-be have entered a contest to win a free honeymoon. Since I am footing part of the bill for the honeymoon, if they win it will be saving ME money.

OK, they can’t make it any harder, but the prize is worth the effort. You can look at the photos if you want, there are some very interesting ones in there. And honestly, I have NO idea why Kelly picked the photo she picked.. they are a handsome couple, she is darling and he’s…well he’s my son so I think he is the cutest guy in his age bracket. (and honestly, that photo is horrible!)

Want to make it easy, just scroll all the way to the end and click on the final photo. Once you do that it will give you a list of names to vote for. Click and Kelly and Michael and scroll down and hit submit.

Please vote once a day for the next two weeks, and spread the word… save me some money and help me send Kelly and Mike on a super honeymoon!

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  1. Cool contest. Hope they win. I voted.


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