Sunday, February 06, 2011

Thanks Ginny

Ginny not only sent me an email, but when I didn’t reply to her in an hour, she called, worried about me. I laughed at her and said not to worry, I am fine. I have found however that I have a slight flare up every time the Doc changes my dose of the prednisone. It dragged me down a few days, but I am fine and ready to hit the sewing room today. But that’s not the reason I haven’t posted, I just plain forgot!

I’ve pretty much finished my quilts photo journal, as far as I can go unless someone sends me old photos, and I doubt that will happen. Of my over 400 quilts that I have finished I only have photos of 235. Some of the ones I don’t have photos of are in my UFO pile so I can get a few more there, just a few.

I’m pleased with what I have and will certainly photograph and document all the rest of the quilts I make for sure.

Don’t forget to vote for Kelly and Michael please!

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