Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anyone interested in making a log cabin?

I had to share this before I got on the road to Lancaster.  Someone apparently searched for log cabin and came up with my web page.  Me thinks this is a little larger than I want to make a log cabin... image all those strips!

According to our survey in the market of China,it shows that the log cabin have a prospect market in China, we hope that we can joint together to develop this market.
The specification of the log cabin we required are :70 for 5 suits; 80 for 8 suits; 100 for 10 suits; 120 for 5 suits ; 150 for 3 suits , and the height is 3.5m. Please design the pattern and foundation figure.
If you have similar designs,pls sent them to us for reference by email. And pls offer us a good scheme and competitive price, so that we can have a long-term cooperation.(The style of the log cabin should be classical and novel, and the appearance should be elegant.)The valid time is 30 days.
Thanks for cooperating.
Best Regards

I think I will pass on this one, too busy right now!

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