Sunday, October 02, 2011


The birds not the car.  I never liked that car, looked too much like a tank to me, even when painted bright colors.  But anyway, I’m not talking about them today, I’m talking about my hummingbirds. 

We had a lot this summer, first one arrived on or about April 15th like they do every year.  And I really think there were more babies this summer then in some years past.  It seemed like there was a new batch at the feeder all summer. 

Photo taken in July.. the later hummers have been camera shy.
Mufasa has been kept entertained by their antics outside the window.  He sat there day after day watching them.  Early in September one actually was watching him, getting right up to the window and hovering there almost nose to bill with him.  Both John and Mike got to see this happen, but the hummer was very camera shy and took off before I could catch a picture. 

As September rolled on they started disappearing.  By the wedding there were just a few left visiting the feeder.  And now it is October and we have just one who is here enjoying having the feeder all by his or her self.  I’m not sure who is going to miss them more, Mufasa or me.

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