Thursday, October 06, 2011

Interesting Thursday

Day started out normal and went downhill fast.

I got up, showered, got dressed and sat down with my morning coffee to check the internet. 

At 8:45 I started to leave for my Doctor’s appointment and the power went out. 

Regardless I had an appointment so I had to leave.  Only I couldn’t open the garage door.  No power no opener.  So I pulled the magic red handle and managed to get it open manually… how old fashioned. 

Then I went to drive out, only I’d left my car keys in the house.  No problem, I had a house key in the car.  Hadn’t used it in several years, but I found it.  Problem was, door and key weren’t cooperating with each other so I had to go use the back door.  Fortunately that opened for me, and I hadn’t locked the inner door, so I was in. 

Found car keys, right where I left them by my coffee and went out through door that wouldn’t open from garage.  Locked it again and pulled car out of garage.  Got out of car to close garage door… I couldn’t reach it.  So I reached for a broom John had up on a nail and pulled it down to use as a handle and got hit in the head when a mop decided to come down at the same time.  Ouch

I managed after all that to get to the Doctor’s on time.  Not that it mattered, she was running late already.  My 9:15 appointment didn’t start until 10 and I was finished by 10:15.  Went and got the car washed, it needed it, and headed home. 

Power was still out so I entered through back door, locked it, went in house and… power was still out.  Called power company, they said it would be back on at noon.  Called at 12:10 and they said it would be back on at 1:00.  Called at 1:15 and they said it would be back on at 3:00.  Called John and he came home and started up the generator, hooked up the frig and went back to work.

I had dry cereal for lunch, finished my cold coffee and read for a while.  Thank goodness I still had some real books.  Then I got thirsty.  Fortunately what is in the frig was still cold.. and I enjoyed a nice tall glass of ice tea.  Only that made me want to you-know-what and with no power we have no water pump and that means no flushing. 

Fortunately power came back on at 2:59 and now life is back to normal… if there is such a thing.

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  1. As I read your blog I couldn't help but laugh, but I'm sure it wasn't so funny while it was all happening to you. Give it a couple days and re-read your entry. I'm sure it will be more humorous in hindsight.


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