Sunday, October 09, 2011

Packed and loaded, almost

I am amazed at what all we fit in my little car. Oh that photo doesn’t show half of it believe me. I should have taken a picture from the inside looking out, LOL!

On the bottom you can see two cutting mats.  Rulers are behind the seats where they won't get damaged, hopefully.  The big red container has in it risers to make the conference room tables higher, irons and a few miscellaneous other retreat necessities. Behind that is the electrical container with nine rolled extension cords and six surge protectors. Then there are the three Featherweights. One of the ladies at this retreat wants to purchase one, so I am bringing three for her to choose from. And of course I need one to sew on while up there. The basket is my sewing supplies as is the smaller tote bag has other miscellaneous supplies in it.

In front of the Featherweights are three huge tote bags, one with all the ordered retreat apparel, one with prizes and the last one with other miscellaneous supplies. (There is way too much miscellaneous in there, LOL!)

I still have to put in there a quilt, my suitcase, my computer bag and my passenger’s suitcase and sewing machine and supplies. I will TRY to remember to take a picture of everything in there… but no promises. We’ll be in a big hurry to get on the road!

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  1. I wondered why there were so many Featherweights in your picture yesterday!


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