Thursday, October 20, 2011

What didn’t I do today?

I was up about my normal time, even though the sun was hiding and it would have been a good day to sleep in.  I checked email, did some on line work and then started my errands.  I had a pretty long list today and I think I got everything done!

Drop off cleaning    John doesn’t like the way I iron shirts and since he’s paying, I take them to the cleaners. 

Staples for ink     Printing patterns takes a lot of ink, printing color patterns takes even more and I don’t like giving out B&W patterns so I’ve been using a lot of ink… and I ran out of color. 

Bank to make deposit and withdrawal    Deposit money in retreat account and take money out of personal account.  Can’t buy groceries etc with retreat money, then I wouldn’t have any to pay the hotel bills when they come due. 

Look for dishwasher    No I didn’t lose mine, it broke.  It broke back in February and I haven’t had the extra money to get a new one.  With the holidays coming up I decided I’d better start looking for a new one.  Being the savvy shopper I am I researched them… depends on what you want and how much you want to spend but I narrowed it down to a few models.  And the first place I went had one of the ones I was looking for so I got it.  I had to, it had a $100 rebate on it making it cheaper then I had planned on paying and the rebate is almost out of time, so I got it.  Now I have to remember to mail in the rebate form. 

Pick up T-shirt order    That was probably the easiest thing and I always love stopping at the print shop.. they are fun people and oh so very generous to me and my cause. 

Wal-Mart shopping    I actually for almost everything on my list.  Almost but not quite but it isn’t Wal-Mart’s fault, the manufacturer discontinued my shampoo.  And I found color socks, not plain white, actually real colors like blue and purple and navy!  I haven’t seen colored socks at Wal-Mart in years… they are always sold out by time I remember to look for them.  (For the last three years I’ve bought white and died them purple… I’m throwing them all out tonight!)

Do more packing for Angels Retreat    All the “prizes” are packed, all wrapped up nicely in some lovely fabric… well sorta lovely… maybe

And here is it 4:00 and I’m finally taking a break.    I think I deserve one! 

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