Saturday, October 08, 2011

Four More Days

Only four days left before the first fall retreat.  I can’t wait, but I will have to because I am not ready yet.   I have one page of six printed… ink ran out of the printer just about the time I ran out of energy last night.  So I’ll have to finish printing today, then staple them all together…. 

That’s actually the part I dislike the most, stapling them.  I used to have an automatic stapler, you just put the papers in and it stapled and it was easy.  Now I have to do it manually… so old fashioned and slow.  (Oh tell me I am not spoiled by modern gadgets, LOL!) 

There is a pile of “stuff” in the back room, all waiting to be put in the car.  I’m not sure it will fit this time…. And I have to leave room for my passenger and her stuff too.  Packing will be interesting… very interesting indeed. 

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