Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More learning

I learned that some people truly do read what I write here, and sometimes what I write even influences someone to make a life changing decision. 

I learned that people care about what I write even if they don’t agree with what I say all the time. 

I learned that people are learning about me as I write, maybe even as much as I am learning about myself. 

I also learned that there are some truly generous people who read my blog and in turn give me the opportunity to be generous to someone else. 

I learned that many honestly worry if I don’t write daily, and at least a few now understand why I don’t write when I am retreating. 

I learned that blogging is just as important as Facebook, and to many people even more important!

And at lunch today I learned that Mufasa likes turkey.  How did I find that out?  I made myself a sandwich and set it on my table in the living room.  I went to check the laundry, came back and half the sandwich was on the floor minus the turkey. 

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a life lesson to me...


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