Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lowes shopping

You know how when we run to a fabric store for one piece of fabric we usually always come out with more than one piece?  Well I’m finding the same thing happens when we go to Lowes.  John and I went for a GFCI replacement, the one in the kitchen went bad on us, and you would be amazed at all the goodies we found. 

A new surge protector for the office.  John wanted to plug in something and found that all the plugs were taken up with fat plugs that took up more than one space, so we decided to get one that holds fatter plugs. 

A back door key.  We realized one day when the power went out that if the garage was closed when it happened and we were out, there was no way for us to get in the house… well without breaking in that is.  The front storm door is locked and we don’t have a key, so that door is useless.  And somehow John didn’t have a back door key and I did.  Since we’re not always together when we get locked out, we had to remedy that.

Sliders for the buffet on the back porch.   I like to rearrange furniture and can’t push it by myself any more, getting weaker in my old age.  So we got some nifty furniture sliders.  And while we were right there in the slider section, we got new slider feet for the sofa back there too.  Now hopefully I can rearrange any time I want to.

Steam&Sweep™ Hard Floor Cleaner  OK, I saw it advertised on TV and it sounded like a good idea.  “The head of the Steam&Sweep™ can sweep and mop your floor at the same time – so you can clean in half the time! The rotating soft bristle sweeper brush sweeps dirt and debris into the Easy Empty™ Dust Bin. When you press the Steam on Demand Trigger, the mop releases powerful steam that will loosen grime while the washable microfiber mop pad wipes it away. This entire process can be done simultaneously, so you only have to go over your floors once.”  Still to be tested but I will keep you posted.  Anything to give me more sewing time!

New door knob for the front door.  When locked out I noticed the front door had tarnished badly and when I finally got in and tried to use my key in it, I realized it was broken.  So even though we can’t get in that way because the storm door is locked we replaced the door knob… one can’t have a tarnished broken door knob you know. 

And yes, we did remember what we went in for.  We even got a spare… just incase.

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  1. Go you! Lowes, Home Depot, thrift stores.. lol... all yield such fun stuff.
    Don't get me started about and!!
    I adore the sliders! I have them under everything heavy!
    If you like, check out the surge suppressors I am addicted to:
    Hope you find the mop marvelous.
    ~Christina in Cleveland


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