Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy October

October already, this year is flying.  I love fall, the leaves changing colors, the chill in the air and of course quilters retreats!  This year there will be two retreats in October, both fully booked with quilters who are ready to shop and socialize.  Yes we will do some sewing, and hopefully the ladies will all enjoy what I have lined up for them.

I am looking forward to both retreats, but both will be different.  The first retreat will have 23 ladies and all but two are repeat retreaters.  It will be like old home week for this group and I know it will be an exciting week.  Guaranteed laughs with this crowd and hopefully great weather for our shopping.   

The second retreat will be unique to me, eight of the 23 ladies will be new to me, but unlike years past they will all know each other before they come.  That’s because that retreat is a “private” retreat, reserved for a group of women from upstate NY.  (Well they call it upstate, but that’s still being debated.)   Since they all know each other already, I’ll be the stranger in the crowd.  But I’m sure this retreat will have plenty of laughs also, and I’ll let you know how much sewing gets done. 

I’m looking forward to all the retreats, and wish this first week of October was over so I could start heading to Bird-in-Hand now!

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