Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hummer photos

I’ve been taking pictures of hummingbirds and posting them on facebook a lot recently.  One of my friends asked me how I was getting such great pictures.  I had to confess to her, and now to everyone else… 

When you aren’t feeling well and can’t do a lot, you sit in your recliner with your feet up, it really helps you feel a little better.. at least more relaxed.  And when you sit in your recliner for such long periods of time, you get bored.  So you read books, play games and watch what’s happening outside in the world.

Outside my window are two hummingbird feeders, and I love watching them.  This year I set up my good camera on a tripod and snapped photos as they flutter around the feeders.  The camera has a remote shutter which I use so I don’t have to move and startle the birds, and I credit that for most of the good shots I’ve gotten. 

It’s been fun, but I’d rather be sewing… 


  1. I love to watch the hummers around the flowers in my backyard. Your pictures are very good. Love them. But.....I wish you were sewing too. Sometimes patience isn't so much a virtue as it is a sentence!
    NancyB in AZ

  2. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos. I know you miss sewing, but your are blessing us with your photos which we wouldn't be enjoying if you were sewing. Thanks for using this skill with your camera for those of use without your yard, or your humming birds.


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