Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yes I am sewing

Kathy and Sandy wanted to know if I’d gotten back to sewing again..  I sure am, remember I showed a finish last weekend, LOL!  But not only am I sewing by hand (which I hate by the way), I am sewing a brand new I hope quilt design.  It’s brand new to me and I haven’t seen anything like it on line, but that doesn’t mean some other clever quilter hasn’t come up with the same idea. 

I will reveal the quilt as soon as I have a completed top, and will be sharing the pattern with the fall retreaters and the Mysteries For Relay group this fall.  After the retreats are over I will add the pattern to my Patterns For Relay page. 

I personally LOVE my quilt and intend to make a second one, just so I can be sure it’s the design I like and not just the fabrics.  Sometimes it is the fabrics that makes the quilt, and not necessarily the pattern.  You can sew four beautiful fabrics together in a giant four patch and it will be lovely, but not so much a great pattern. 

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