Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I just had a startling realization… for months I’ve been getting mail about signing up for medicare. All kinds of companies seem to think that I’m closer to medicare age than I think I am.
Yesterday I got an “official” letter from medicare itself.
Wait, I’m not old enough for that yet. I still have years to go.
I’m only… wait… how old am I?
Uh … hmmm… Oh crap!


  1. Welcome to the club! Too funny Marge. I have to admit, I love being on Medicare finally. It was costing me so much to buy private insurance before. (I did not work for a company that offered insurance) I have a Medicare Advantage plan (HMO) that only costs me $14/month. Yea. Also they take me with my pre-existing conditions. Yea!

  2. Yikes! Time flies when we're busy sewing!


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