Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not doing nothin’

And that’s the truth.  I can’t blame it on the heat… well I could but I’m only going out for a minute at a time.  The only reason I have for going out is to fill the hummingbird feeders. 

Although today I had to go to the Doctor’s office.  I made it a double duty outing, went through drive through at the bank and then to the Docs.  The meds that the ER Doc put me on is making me nauseous and dizzy… ok dizzier. 

And that is why I am not doing nothing… too dizzy to sew, or read, or much of anything really.  Fortunately the Doc said that my toe is healing nicely and I can go off the antibiotic a week early… so I’ll only be dizzier until Saturday, then I’ll go back to being just plain dizzy again. 

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