Sunday, July 21, 2013

I went on an adventure…

Well it was an adventure for someone who hasn’t left the house for a whole month. Unless you count my visit to the ER and follow up at the Doctor’s office a few days later that is.  And this wasn’t a new adventure, but it felt like one, getting out of the house after being inside for so long.  Actually it was a fun adventure and I’m glad I went. 

We went upstate to visit someone in the hospital, well John visited someone in the hospital.  I went to Jon and Steph’s and visited them instead.  I had a request to bring the sewing machine, and I did, and we put it to use too.  They’d bought sheer curtains for the kitchen which went all the way to the floor, and you certainly don’t need curtains going to the floor in the kitchen.  So I hemmed five panels and made a window valance and café curtains from what I cut off. 

Of course we talked the whole time I sewed, catching up on things in their lives.  And of course we went out to eat after John got back, he was hungry. 
My sister-in-law Pat took this of the storm we drove through on our way home. 

We left after dark and had a light show half the way home.  It was pretty and spooky too.  Fortunately just a lot of rain for about a tem mile stretch, then dry the rest of the way home. 

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