Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hashtag this

I asked a question on facebook this morning and started something.. again.  Simple question, “what’s with all the ‪#‎s?  I added I didn’t want sarcastic replies, but got a few anyway, and expected it. 

SO.. after my hashtag lesson I think I have it down.  If you have something important that you want to be able to find again, you hashtag it.  Then it goes to your tweet account and any social networking account you might have. 

Say YOU wanted to share this post with all your friends, you could hashtag Marge’sStupid#post and it would go where you want it to go.  That would link (like in linkedin?) to them all at the same time. 

All what, DON’T ask me, I do facebook and that’s all.  Well facebook and quilting and very little housework.  I mean come on people, life is too short for all this stuff.  You read or write something important so you hashtag it so it goes on all your social networks and then you share it so it stays on your facebook page and of course you have to pin it somewhere too so you can find it pinned along with the hundreds of other things you’ve pinned. 

And Carol asked if I knew about vine..  I followed my son’s advice and googled it.  VINE is either “Victim Information and Notification Everyday” or “Vine app allows users to create a short video clip up to six seconds long while recording through Vine's in app camera.”  Or it is “A weak-stemmed plant that derives its support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface.”  I think I’ll leave it at that… 

OH and for the record, I don’t hashtag or tweet or link or vine whatever that is.  I don’t pin either although I am pinned several thousand times. 


  1. Pinned? or Poked? :) Learned something new with the Vine thing mentioned this morning. So your hummingbird (info) can be in a tweet or on a vine. Wow, where virtual meets reality :) 20 extra points for you using hashtag as a verb! You educate us all Marge!! YOu go!
    Ps. If I put something on vine, is the verb form "vined" or "tangled"?

  2. I just don't need to be that connected! Thanks for the lesson though, now I know what # is all about even if I won't be using it :)

  3. Marge, I'm with you. . .I didn't know what the # stuff was either. . .but I didn't figure I needed to know about it so I didn't ask.

    I'm on pinterest but I haven't pinned anything in a while. . .so I should probably just cancel the account.

    Hope you have better luck with the water situation this afternoon/evening.

  4. About the only way I hear about what's up with my son's band is through social media, so I use it. Someone else started putting my quilts and posts up under my blog title, so I had to argue with pinterest and instagram until I wrestled ownership back.

    So now I have @ and # addresses everywhere, many of which I ignore, but at least no one else can 'borrow' my quilts or my blog name!

    - Mary

    PS, Marge - these days my plumber prefers IM or texting or tweeting too! The world is changing, alas...


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