Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I’m losing it

The other day I was getting together some quilts to mail off to a quilter, smaller quilts which will probably be used for charity.  I was positive I had three to send her.  But I could only find two.  So I opened my trusty list of quilts, and yes, I had three quilts listed ready to send to quilter.

But here’s the thing, one of those quilts I didn’t remember.  I had NO idea what it was or where it was.  If it was on my list I had to have made it, and it said “ready to go to quilter” but what and where was it.  More confusing was the name, “Marge's orphan Batik squares”. 

Note here… when it says Marge’s, that doesn’t mean me, well not totally.  My friend Marge sends me orphan blocks quite often, which I greatly appreciate.  I love putting them together into quilt for charity.  But these I didn’t remember, not at all, not even one tiny little bit.

Another thing I do to keep track of my quilts is to take photos.  I have a folder called My Quilts and in that folder is almost every quilt I’ve ever made, been given, won or purchased.  But there wasn’t a “Marge's orphan Batik squares” in the picture folder. 

Next thing to do is go through the baskets and bins in the office, where I keep stuff I am working on or have plans to work on soon.  No “Marge's orphan Batik squares”.  I was just about ready to call Marge when a piece of fabric caught my eye, it had fallen behind a small cabinet right inside the office door.  I remembered the fabric, I used it in one of Jonathon’s quilts and I was pretty sure that was the left over piece from that.  And it was sewn together into a backing for… yep… for “Marge's orphan Batik squares” which was neatly folded inside.

And there was a picture of it but with a different name.  That’s been corrected, and I am working on my list to make sure everything is named and numbered correctly so I don’t have this problem ever again… my old gray cells need all the help they can get. 

SO, as an effort to correct future possible memory lapses I am triple checking my lists, excel and photo.  I decided to add to the spreadsheet who quilted each quilt, or at least everyone I can remember.  I do have a folder of letters and emails to the quilters, so I have those to use as reference.   However… there are quilts listed on the letters that I don’t remember and don’t have photos of but I know I must have made them, why would I pay for getting them quilted if I didn’t? 

And my favorite quilter, no records at all, I just dropped them off at her house and picked them up… shame on me for not keeping track. 

I may never get this figured out!

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