Monday, April 02, 2012

Expletive deleted

Did you hear those wirty dords? I said them, yep, I’ll confess. I might say more so cover your ears. Why? Yesterday I measured the fabrics for a sample, I wanted to make it bigger. I found out I had enough for the backing and binding, but not for another row. So I put the borders on and set it aside.

Today I decided to put the backing together so I could wrap it up and put it in the To Be Quilted pile. I’m short. How and why, I dunno… but that’s when those wirty dords came out of my mouth. I should go wash it out with soap, but instead I’ll figure out how to make what I have work.. I have no choice.

That To Be Quilted pile is growing and growing.  I need to get some quilts finished and soon too.  Otherwise I’ll run out of storage space.  If I had only won the lottery I could have had them all quilted by now.  Guess you can’t win if you don’t buy chances though.. and I didn’t.

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