Monday, April 23, 2012

It gets personal

This morning I got up and did what I do every morning, checked email.  One email stuck out, from a dear friend I knew was fighting cancer with the subject Sad News.  I was afraid to open it and the many replies that followed it.  And even before I opened it I knew what it said. 

It was back in September or October 2010 when I first learned Jane had cancer.  She sent me a quick email asking me if I knew anyone who might be able to help her.  Of course I sent her the ACS help line number 800ACS2345.  It was really all I could do. 

I heard from her rarely after that, but sent her little reminders now and then that I was praying for her.  A few weeks ago she sent me another email that it was back and asked again if I knew anyone who could help.  She’s been in my prayers and in my heart since that day.  There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of her. 

I first “met” Jane on line in a chat group for quilters.  She was a lively chatter, always adding some fun and giggles to the conversations.  She would tell us about her charming DH or her resident ghost Miss Ruby.  When I learned she lived in Tennessee near friends I knew I had to meet her.  And we did the next time we went down to visit, meeting in a local restaurant for a lively gathering of chat friends. 

The last time we visited TN John and I stopped for a bite to eat off the highway and I realized we were in Jane’s neighborhood.  I gave her a call and was happy to find her home and get an invite to stop in for a visit.  Jane and her darling husband Ken greeted us with open arms and pulled us right into their little world.  Ken and John struck up a conversation about plants and we were soon given a guided tour of their garden and yard.  We learned where ever plant originated, and if it was blooming or not we were given a description of the flower and/or fruit that gave us a mental picture and or teasing taste of what was to come.  They walked around hand in hand just like newlyweds and the love and peace between them was so delightful to watch. 

As we drove north from Tennessee John said he said he hoped that we could be just like them when we got old, happy with the simple things our friends and family had given us and still so much in love with each other. 

Rest in peace Jane.

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