Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quilting report

Doing much better today and I’ve finished quilting one of the ABC Bow Tie quilts and even got the binding on except for the handwork. I have knots to tie and threads to burry and the binding to sew by hand and then I will have a finish.

And I am about to put the binding on my Wonky Squares and then will only have hand work to do on it. I really like the way it looks and think I might just have to do this one again. It makes for a quick and cute quilt.

I would be further along in my work except for one wee problem. Since I was low on 505 and used pins to baste and was too lazy to hand baste, there are lots of pins to fight with. And every time I stab myself enough to make a finger/hand/arm bleed I have to take a break till the bleeding stops.

Something weird happened today that has never happened before… I was sewing along and a pin flew up from somewhere and nearly poked me in the eye. I have no idea how it happened, but I have a wee stab under my eye to show for it… and get this, I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Normally I do when sewing on the machine, but I’d taken them off to read an email, and didn’t put them back on and didn’t really notice until that pin hit my face. I will wear them when sewing for now on, never thought of them as safety glasses but now I know they could be.

Weather permitting I will post at least one finished photo tomorrow… Wonky Squares still might be a mystery and or retreat project so I’m not sharing that photo yet!

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