Sunday, April 22, 2012

What to do on a rainy Sunday

I don’t know what everyone else in the northeast did today, but I worked on some of my UFOs!  Yep, I did what I dislike doing the second most, I pin basted a few quilts.  First I basted a prototype for a future project.  It’s very nice, just not enough contrast for a true sample.  It will make a great baby quilt for charity though.

Then I did my reddish brown and yellow baby World’sFair.  I think it will be an easy quilt to do.  Next were the two 3D Bow Tie baby quilts, I can’t wait to see those finished.  All of those are for charity too. 

Next in line was the green Jacob’s Ladder from February’s project.  I plan to quilt it the same way I did the tie-dyed one because that looked so nice finished.  And finally I pin basted a quilt I’m calling wonky squares, for now at least.  It’s one I found on line and one I hope to use either as a retreat project or a mystery, or maybe even both. 

I was going to do my May project samples too, but I ran out of two things… 505 spray baste and pins.  I guess they will have to wait. 

So guess what I'll be doing this week.... what I dislike the most about quilting, and that's quilting itself.  But I need to finish something and that's the only way these projects are going to get done!

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  1. OMG marge...plaid great is that!!! gorgeous!


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