Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I remember it like it was yesterday

27 years ago today we had a home inspection.  No the kind you have when you are buying a home, this was more important than that.  This home inspection was required by the state of Texas when you were adopting a child.  The agency had to confirm that you had running water and electricity.  That’s it, nothing else.  We could have lived in a shack with running water and electricity and passed the inspection. 

It had only been two months and nine days since we saw the baby on Wednesday’s Child that prompted us to call the agency.  We weren’t eligible for that baby but if we were interested in adopting they really wanted to meet with us.  So we went in and met with a counselor who told us that they were desperate for adoptive parents and if we were interested they wanted us to go through an accelerated adoption procedure. 

Sure we were interested, why not!  Jonathon was almost 2 1/2 and even he got to go through the adoption process.  We all had physicals, background checks, psychological tests, more background checks, more psychological tests and heavens knows what else.  All that was left was the home inspection. 

I remember the counselor telling me that it wasn’t a white glove inspection, she only had to see the running water and electricity.  But you know I cleaned, and if it had been a white glove inspection we would have passed with flying colors.  She came in and visited with us a little while then got up and left. 

A little while later she called and asked if we were ready.  I assured her we were ready, and she said “OK, then tomorrow you can come pick up your son”  I told her I wasn’t ready. 


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Your post really rung a bell with me. My son was adopted in a private adoption but it still had to go through all the state reqs. He had been living with us from his 5th day of life and when the "inspector" came he was about 9 months old. My husband and I were both so nervous and my house was the cleanest it had ever been! We tried keeping my son up from his nap but he was getting so sleepy we finally had to put him in his crib before the woman came (she was very late). She finally came, sat in our living room and chatted for a while and left with out seeing our son or even asking about him! We had told her he was asleep upstairs. Of course, we were in shock that she didn't really seem to be investigating us and were total wrecks for at least 1 1/2 months until we heard that the adoption was approved. The judge at the adoption told us that it wasn't very often that he and the rest of the staff got to handle "happy" cases such as ours but I often wondered if that woman realized how much her actions were effecting our lives. She was probalby enjoying her pleasant break in the day at our house but we were so on edge!

    Susan R.

  2. I came to your blog to see what was on your bed, continued reading, and love this post! When the social worker showed up at my house, I had just moved into a new teacherage and wasn't even unpacked yet--and yes, I was very nervouse. Then she approved me and I waited 16 more months!


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