Sunday, September 23, 2012


Normally by this time of year I have the following year’s blocks of the month finished, ready to go on line at the beginning of each new month.  This year… this year I haven’t even done this month’s project for which I am truly sorry.  I promised an orphan project, but I can’t find my orphan blocks, or else I used them all up but haven’t done a single thing BOM/ project wise.  I do have next month’s project picked out, but have I made a sample… have I even started one…. No.  I hang my head in shame. 

For one thing I am very thankful…  that I did not wait until the last minute to do my retreat samples.  I have eight different projects this year and a sample for every one of them.  Not all are completed, quilted and bound, but I have finished tops for every single project which is a small miracle. 

I have decided that I will make it up to those who wanted a easy project.  I will share one of my retreat projects with the whole WWW… or at least those who follow here or on the BOMs page. 

I don’t wait till the last minute normally, but things aren’t normal any more.  So here I sit on a day when I ache all over trying to decide what to do for next year’s BOM.  Any suggestions?

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