Thursday, September 20, 2012


I was sitting here answering an email when the power blinked… no problem it came right back on again… whew!  I answered that email and then closed the computer to go do something else.  I went upstairs and gathered a few things that needed to be in the retreat pile, came back down and decided to take a photo of that growing pile. 
Came back to the computer, but decided I wanted another cup of coffee before I sat down so went in the kitchen to get one… and the power was off.  I have no idea how long it had been off, probably while I was upstairs.  I waited… and waited… and waited…  Called the power company, they “were aware of the situation and did not know when power would be restored” or something like that.

Picked up my Nook to read, what I do best when power is off and I don’t have any hand work to do… I read until my tummy growled at me.  But what can I feed it when I can’t open the frig or use the microwave?  Only the second best sandwich ever, peanut butter and honey on rye bread.  Best is on toast, but no power remember.  And the jelly is in the frig.
After lunch I called the power company again, power expected to be restored by 1:00.  At 1:15 I called again and got power expected to be restored at 3:00.  But at 1:40 I heard the frig come on.  Timing couldn’t have been better, I’d just finished my book and was really thirsty, PB&H needs a drink to go with it, I can finally have my coffee!

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