Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What a day I had yesterday, running all over here there and everywhere getting tests done… doctors sure like testing us.  After my appointment I had to go visit the vampires again.  Fortunately my favorite lab tech was on duty and she did the draw, she knows how to get it the first time.  From there I went to x-ray, Doc wanted “a few” shots of my back to see where the pain might be coming from.  When the x-ray tech looked at the form she said “oh wow, he wants a lot of pictures” and I knew I was in trouble.  17 shots later I was sure I was glowing and I went back to the drug store to pick up my meds.  Rheumatologist doubled my prednisone which better help. 

When I got home there were no cable, no internet and off and on electricity too due to storms rolling up the east coast.  But that soon passed and I got busy finishing up another project sample for the upcoming fall retreats.  This is Project two – Summer in the Park  I think I might make another one of these, I like the pattern. 

As I am writing this the Doc called and said everything looked OK on the films from yesterday, all he can see are my normal aging problems, arthritis on my upper and lower spine.  I guess that’s good news… but exactly what is “normal aging”, LOL!

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  1. Glad your back is "normal" Marge. Hope you are able to get off that darn prednisone soon. I know how you feel about glowing in the dark. I am having CT scans every 3 months. I think that having that is preferable to a bunch of x-rays. Hope you will be feeling better.


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