Monday, September 03, 2012

My dilemma today

I want to sew.  Problem is, John is working from home this weekend and he’s in the office/sewing room.  Now he said I could work in there and not bother him, so I tried..... several times. 

First time I went in and quietly sat at the machine and started sewing, adding a few strips to a strings block.   Before I started the second block, he got up and left.  I finished that block then quit and he went back to work.

Few hours later I tried again, same thing, I started sewing, he left.  So I said to him that I didn’t have to sew if I was bothering him.  He said I wasn’t, it was just time for a break.  I finished that block and left, he went back to work. 

Next time he took a break I went in and sewed a few more strips.  When I got up to press he went back in and started working again, so I didn’t go back in there. 

This is “work” work he’s doing, not “home” work, so I really have to let him get it done.  So today probably no sewing. 

Now, the problem is, that means I don’t have anything do to… errr anything I want to do.  I need to print patterns, he’s in the office.  I need to put binding on the two retreat samples my quilter delivered (THANKS Jackie!) but he’s in the office.  I want to finish the strings quilt I started, but he’s in the office. 


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