Friday, September 07, 2012

Power out, again

SO, I’m reading blogs while the printer spits out patterns for the retreats.  And power goes off….

No problem, I have enough to do.  Sewing… whoops no power so can’t put together that last strings quilt for Bob’s. 

So I have errands to run, I’ll do them while power is out here… only I’m still in my PJs. 

So I can get a quick shower… power is out so I have no water, well not enough to take a shower with. 

So I’ll just run my errands anyway… can’t open the garage door.  Yes I know about the emergency red handle pull thingy, but I can’t reach it with my car in the way and can’t move the car cause the door is down, duh! 

So I’ll read, I have lots of books on my Nook…  Except… well this is new.  It wants the name and credit card that I purchased it with to unlock?  Unlock?  Who locked it? 

So I enter all that information, and it asks me again.  I enter it again, and still locked. 

I think I’m going back to bed after I post this…

But I can’t, cause we have no internet….  If you needed me during the outage I was screaming face down in my pillow. 

OH…… screaming helped, power is back on.  I’m getting my shower before it goes out again, and maybe I won’t keep my car in the garage any more, just incase!.

PS, as I was putting this on line I heard the printer start up again.  Ran back there and it was starting the job over again.  Now I have to count how many of this page I really need… darn power outage. 

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