Saturday, September 22, 2012

I spoke too soon

Today is the official first day of fall, although I declared it official a few days ago.  I should have kept my mouth shut.  Today it is hot and muggy out and I turned on the AC again.

Yesterday’s fall weather really got me in trouble…  coming home from my errands a bird did a big mess on my windshield.  Poor thing had the runs and it ran right up my windshield.  When I got home I turned the hose on it.  Then I got out the scrubber and got all of the bug and bird splats off the windshield, and while I was at it, I cleaned the front grill too.  Lots of bugs this summer.  Well then the front and windshield looked nice and clean, and the rest of the car didn’t.  So I washed my car.  First time in years I’ve washed my own car, what I could reach anyway.  I wasn’t going to climb on a ladder and do the top. 

While reading my Nook last night I started feeling some pain in my left shoulder.  (No John it isn’t heart pain.)  I knew I’d over done it, and today I’m paying for it.  But I am getting a lot of reading done.  Remind me not to wash my car ever again. 

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