Friday, September 28, 2012

Not since Tuesday?

Where have I been since Tuesday?  Home, honest, I never left the house until this morning.  Why I haven’t blogged I have no idea, guess I just didn’t have anything to say, LOL!  I am doing fine, holding on and staying out of trouble. 

Mostly what I’ve been doing is getting ready for the retreats.  Every time I think of something else I want to take or have to take I put it in the pile, or on my list.  Both of those are growing, the pile and the list. 

Every time I think I have the printing done, I think of something else I want to print before I leave… today I am printing ONE copy of each itinerary.  I sure hope no one expects a printed copy… I’m not printing those. 

This morning I picked up two more quilts for the retreat, one a project and the other a show and tell…  now I have hand work to do… 

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