Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why I moderate comments

I do not and I will not use the word verification guessing thingy on my site, they are cruel and mean and nasty… if you get my drift.  However I’ve found that not having the comments moderated sometimes makes for strange comments.  I don’t want my readers to have to read about some man’s parts and how some slut likes it...well never mind.  Nor do I want you to have to read about buying such and such.  And if you do happen to read whatever foreign language some of the comments are posted in, I don’t want to guess what they might say.  So my comments are moderated. 

I just deleted several comments that were in the spam folder, thank you Google for that!  And when the other really smutty remarks stop appearing in the comments awaiting moderation file, I will take away the moderation completely, believe me I hate doing it! 


  1. I also love that Google filters most of those comments, but sadly a few do manage to slip through.

  2. Anonymous12:25 AM

    The word verification has stopped me from posting comments. Thanks for not having it!

  3. I don't mind being Moderated. I totally see you point.


Comments are moderated because of spam.
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