Monday, March 04, 2013


I had a really good idea, sort of.  I bought some flannel to make some cute little baby quilts for charity.  I thought a simple little four patch, flannel front and back, sew right sides together, turn right sides out and quilt.  Simple, right…

Confession, I have never, never ever, not in my lifetime sewn on flannel. 

One friend said to me that my idea was a good one, simple and easy.  I asked her about pre-washing and she replied that since I was making small baby quilts, “just wash them after you make them to give them the soft crinkly look.” 

However another friend said I had to pre-wash. 

Normally I do, I ALWAYS pre-wash, well except pre-cuts.  Always always always… so why did I think I could get away with not pre-washing this time I have no idea. 

So I put the question to one of my Yahoo groups…. And did I get replies… 
“You, the pre-wash queen not pre-washing?” 
“What a ridiculous question, especially coming from you”
“You are joking right, of course you prewash flannel”
“I was so shocked at your question I spurted my coffee all over my tablet”

So I guess I will be pre-washing

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  1. it isn't so much the washing but the drying that is really important with flannel....


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