Friday, March 15, 2013


Tomorrow is mystery day on the Mysteries For Relay group.  There’s still time to get in on it if you enjoy quilting mysteries…. A $5 donation will get you in on this one, or a $30 donation will get you a whole year’s worth.  You may make your donations at or

While everyone else is sewing, I’ll be rereading The Giving Quilt.  I really enjoyed it the first time, and have been asked to write a review before the paperback comes out early next month, so I want to read it again.  I’ll have some prizes to give away compliments of the publishers too!  Check back tomorrow. 


  1. Marge,
    I am trying for the give a way. Read on the yahoo group to check your blog. Well, I have checked it out and I am guessing we are supposed to comment so you know we have been here checking it out. I am confused about this Google Reader stuff. Not sure what that means. I have a blog on Blogger..does that mean I need to be concerned? Lisa in Georgia

  2. Google Reader lists all of the blogs you are following in one place. You just check one web page instead of a hundred or however many you like to read. As my following list grew, more and more blogs and bloggers I like to keep up with, Google Reader was a time saving web site for me.


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