Wednesday, March 06, 2013


About 3:25 power blinked, came back on and then went off again.  I saved the documents I was working on, and closed the lap top, unplugged it and then checked other appliances that might have been working. 

Then I decided to work on that binding.  However it was pretty dark in here, lots of clouds means no sunlight.  I have a “headlight” I use when I’m doing hand work but it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  I tried to thread the needle.  Black thread, small eye on the needle and not a lot of light… guess what I never did…. Not one stitch, LOL! 

Fortunately the power came back on in less than an hour, and I survived.  And now my “headlight” is right here on my table where it belongs. 

What headlight?  Remember the LL Bean commercial at Christmas where the little children wait on the sofa for Santa with headlights on their heads… that’s what I mean by “headlight”

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