Monday, March 18, 2013


Funny I’ve been talking about gifts and in today’s snail mail I received three.  One was a check for Relay, well sort of, thanks anyway Laurie.  Your heart is in the right place and I know it and appreciate it.  Another was a book, one I’d been waiting for and forgot about… it came out this month and it was on my wish list, some sweetie had it sent to me. 
And the third gift was one from the heart, a thank you letter from someone I donated a quilt to.  I didn’t expect anything back, the only reason my address was on the shipping label was because the post office put it there… some rules… but I got a sweet little hand written note from a 8 year old I made a quilt for.  That thank you letter gave me such a warm feeling and made me feel special, which was what I’d hoped my quilt would do for her. 

And with that in my heart, I’m off to make a few more quilts for kids!  Not for the thank yous, but because now I know that the quilts I make ARE appreciated.  Or as Cinthia says “the blanket made me know some where some body loves me”

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