Monday, March 25, 2013

Reader Programs

Because Google is doing away with Google Reader, and because I like reading all the blogs and bloggers like my morning newspaper, I had to find a new reader program. 
Feedly at  I don’t think this one is for me.  First of all, probably because of too many google users jumping on, I couldn’t get half the links to load.  Secondly, I don’t like seeing half the pictures and that is what I see and that’s with my view reduced so much that I can’t read the text.  I’m not sure this is what I want. 

Another reader jammed with new google reader jumpers was Bloglovin.  I loved what they said about themselves on the about page…
About us
Reading blogs can be a pain in the ass. We created bloglovin´ so you wouldn’t have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in your browser, or forget your favorite blogs' web-addresses. With bloglovin´, we wanted to make your blog-reading fun and easy.
Sounds sweet! How does it work?
Just add all the blogs you want to follow, and then you’ll get notified every time one of your favorite blogs has written a new blog post.

Uh oh… I don’t want to be notified every time one of the over 70 bloggers I follows updates, I just want to read them all at one time.  Kind of like reading the newspaper with my breakfast. 

So I signed up anyway to give it a try… not what I want either.  First of all, I want to read it all on one page, and I haven’t figured out how to do that on Bloglovin… yet. 

I think I’ll stick with, so far it works the best for me.   I’ve been reading on there for a week now, and so far this is what I want. 

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