Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Reader…

With Google Reader going away, and it being the way I keep in touch with the rest of you bloggers, I had to find a new reader.  I read what others had to say about them, looked here and there, and decided on Netvibes. 

Let me honest, I don’t like new… remember I fought the internet back in 1997 and fought Yahoo Groups in 2000, and couldn’t understand at all why anyone would want to blog or facebook…   And it was another blogger who started me on Google Reader, and boy was I glad she did. 

So I was happy to find this tutorial telling me what to do.
Read it carefully, if I can do it… well good luck!

I’ve been using this for two whole days now, and love it.  Well so far I love it.  I’m still looking at other options but for now this one fits my needs.

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