Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pattern prices going up

Prices going up.  I hate hearing that, but I hate even more saying it.  But… sadly I am raising the prices on all of my patterns.  I said I would give $5 of each pattern sold to Relay For Life, and I do.  But recently the $5.50 price doesn’t give me a $5 profit.  So I’m raising the price on all of my patterns, and all of the PROFIT will be donated. 

ALL of the profit will go to fighting cancer. (The profit is what you pay for the pattern minus the PayPal fees.)   Money will be donated to Relay For Life through the American Cancer Society from December through June and to Heaps of Hope through Be Bold, Be Bald from July to November. 

Thank You for helping me raise money in the battle against cancer!

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