Sunday, May 06, 2012

Best laid plans… can be changed!

Well I sewed most of yesterday, and finished 131 blocks, which was more than needed for a king size quilt.  I sewed the first two rows together, and then stopped for the day.

This morning I decided to lay the blocks on my design bed, so I could move them around into a pleasing pattern.  John happened by the bedroom door and peeked in and said something like “oh”.  So I looked at it closer.  And went on with my sorting. 

I went upstairs and sewed another row together and then… well then I decided to start over again.  I was making this for our bed, and if he doesn’t really like it, and I’m not 100% sure about it myself, why keep going. 

It was made from scraps, so there are a LOT of colors in it.  I think that grouping similar colors together might work a little better… maybe too many colors isn’t the thing.  Or not enough contrast in the colors. 

So I’m going to sort my 131 blocks into groups and make a few smaller quilts.  Interestingly I have enough blocks with purple in them to make a twin quilt, and that will be what I’m working on first!

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