Saturday, May 05, 2012

Planning Mother’s Day

It started out when DS#2 called to say he and his wife would be coming over on Friday night for Relay, which was really sweet of them.  But then it got complicated.  They wanted to take me out to brunch on Saturday morning for Mother’s Day.  That was sweet also, since most likely everywhere that serves breakfast would be jam packed all day Sunday.

However, because I will be up all night long on Friday, and hopefully working and walking laps too, I am not sure I will be awake enough to go out when they want to.  See I plan to do my job at Relay this year, off line, which means I will have to do it on line when I get home, sometime after 9AM on Saturday, after being awake all night long remember… 

Mike complicated it a little more by saying they wanted to do brunch on Saturday so they could get back to Maryland for Mother’s Day dinner on Saturday at Kelly’s brother and sister-in-law's house…  ok.  SO I thought the easiest solution was to just delay Mother’s Day one week.  Mike agreed and we hung up. 

Little bit later he called me back…. Ummm he’d forgotten one very important thing… Kelly is graduating that weekend, her master’s degree even and they sort of kind of should be there, which I agree with.  SO… we’ll just move Mother’s Day another week forward, which lands it on Memorial Day weekend… 

So now I’m wondering if we should move Christmas to May so maybe we can kill three holidays in one weekend and just get it over with…  Planning holidays around all these extended families sure gets complicated, but I love it!

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