Thursday, May 03, 2012

Three minute block

I figured that it takes me less than three minutes to make a block. So tell me why it takes me forever to get one done? … I’ll tell you why.

Sew a line, hear email come in so I have to check it… it’s Relay time and I can’t miss something that needs to be done right away. But this wasn’t a Relay email it was from a friend, so I have to email her back, and then she replies and I have to reply and in the meantime a Relay email does come in so I have to take care of that.
Fortunately it’s a quickie, easy to take care of and I can get back to my sewing. But I’m thirsty so I go downstairs to get a drink. And while I’m in the kitchen I realize I haven’t gotten anything out for dinner so I browse the freezer and don’t find anything so I look in the pantry and get an idea and pull that out and put it on the kitchen counter. Then I notice the tea towel is a little grungy so I take that and the other linens in the kitchen, stop in the bathroom and pull all of the towels and put all that in the washer.

Then I see the mail has come so I go get the mail and of course have to take care of a bill that came in, and while I’m at the online bank I realize my statement is ready so I balance my checkbook. Fortunately that only takes me five minutes because for a change everything is OK, unlike some months when I search for hours for 99 cents and never do find it.
So I start back towards the sewing room and hear the washer grind to a stop so go throw the linens in the dryer and then decide to clean the bathroom while the towels are being cleaned.

Then John decides he wants something to eat so I fix dinner and then clean up and then sit down to do some hand work on a quilt and then go to bed.
And when I come back upstairs the next day to sew I find my three minute block is still sitting on the machine with the needle down in it and the light on and I can happily resume sewing, finishing my three minute block 24 hours after I started it!

And that’s on a good day.

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