Thursday, May 10, 2012

Relay For Life

For the last seven years the Delaware Quilts team has been a part of Relay For Life. Tomorrow is this year’s event. Would you consider making a donation to help keep us in first place? If not, how about making a donation to help someone out there who is fighting cancer? Or help a scientist find the cure for cancer. Or provide lodging for someone who has to travel hours for cancer treatments. Your donations help in so many ways. Please consider making one today! Thank you!
Or would you like to light a candle at this year’s Relay in honor of someone fighting cancer, or in memory of someone who lost their battle? Please make a donation today, and send me an email or tell me in a comment and I will make a luminaria bag for you, and share the photo here. Thanks! (Let me know who to make bag to, and if it is in honor or memory)

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