Saturday, May 19, 2012

He's going home!

Mufasa kitty, cat child of Michael and Kelly Gordon will be leaving us for life in the big city next weekend.  Am I sad, you bet I am.  Am I happy, no, I am overjoyed. 

Let’s be honest, he’s been a lot of fun.  Entertaining us with his climbing abilities, his jumping skills and his uncanny need to run and play at bedtime.  On the other hand, his entertainment has meant never knowing when he would attack.  We never knew what was safe or not and he could jump in a single bound to the top of the highest piece of furniture in the house.  And we’ve gotten used to him lurking outside the bathroom at bedtime, waiting to jump on us as we go to bed. 

I have enjoyed him.  I have not enjoyed his scratching my furniture.  I have enjoyed his purring and loving.  I have not enjoyed his yowling when he doesn’t get his way.  I have enjoyed his company when I come home to an empty house.  I have not enjoyed him running out the door the minute anyone tried to come in. 
In preparation for his move to the big city I’ve decided to leash train him.  Mike and Kelly got a dog last week…. don’t ask me why, I advised against it, but…  so they will be walking the dog often.  You kind of have to do that with dogs.  And I thought that maybe if Mufasa was leash trained he could go on some of the walks too. 

It will be interesting to see what happens.  So far so good, he behaves nicely on the leash.  But then again… I’ve only taken him outside once. 

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